How the Tenant Access Works

Steps to Follow

If the tenant already has a tenant access, skip to step 7.

1. To create an access for a tenant, go to the “Data” tab and the “Contacts” subtab.

2. Click on the tenant to which you want to give the access. If the tenant is not in your contacts, follow this procedure.

3. Click on “Edit” at the top right.

4. In the fifth page of the dialog box, change the role of the user to “Tenant.”

5. Enter a username and a password for the tenant, and any other information you deem necessary. The tenant will receive their username and password by email. Make sure that you have entered the tenant’s email address in the first page of the dialog box.

6. Click on “Finish.”

We will now switch to the tenant’s perspective. Here is what they can do.

Note: To allow you and your tenants to sign documents (leases, etc.), you must be subscribed to Esign Connect.

7. To sign documents, go to the “Dashboard” tab.

8. In the “Documents to Sign” section at the top left, click on the document you want to sign.

9. Read the document, and click on “Accept.”

10. Click on “Sign,” sign, and click on “OK.” Click on “Sign” for every yellow flag, and your signature will be filled out automatically.

11. Once you have signed everything, answer “OK” to the question that appears. If the question does not appear, check that every yellow flag has been signed.

12. Click on “Finish,” and close the tab to go back to your Proprio Expert account.

13. To sign a renewal notice, repeat step 9, tick one of the renewal options, and repeat steps 10 to 12.

14. To add a service call, click on “+” in the “My Service Calls” section.

15. At the top right, select the date and the priority of the service call.

16. Select the type of service call in the “Information” section.

17. Describe the service call (example: the sink is leaking).

18. Click on “Finish.”

19. To open an email, click on the email in the “My Emails” section.

20. To consult your lease, go to the “Leases” tab, and click on your lease.

21. To consult your receipts, go to the “Receipts” tab, and select the month of the receipt you want to consult.

You now know how the tenant access works.