Pronotif integration. Click here for the procedure.

Add the “Rental agent” contact type to the building window. This will receive rental requests made through the rental portal.

The CC and BCC options have been removed from the e-mail creation window.

In the unit window, the status “In renewal” has been added to indicate units that are vacant but awaiting a renewal decision.

The collection module has been added to the Proprio Expert lite version.

Add a filter to sort invoices by number. Available on the Expense List and Invoice List reports.

In the “My account” section, you can view the status of your esign connect license, which enables you to electronically sign all your documents.

Several model letters have been modified following the adoption of Bill 65.

On page two of the lease window, in the price category section, there was the “Service” option, which allowed you to change the price of the lease once it was in progress. The option has been removed

After adding notifications, some were not visible on the Manager and Tenant interface.

Clicking on the e-mail image in the Renewals and Increases window changed the e-mail status.

On the user window, the telephone number is no longer a mandatory item to be added.

Some financial reports do not translate the default chart of accounts.

The titles of several letters were not centered.

When a tenant tried to reply to a communiqué, an error message was displayed.

Sur la page de connexion de Proprio Expert en dessous du bouton connexion il y a maintenant “En savoir plus” qui redirige vers notre site web.