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Proprio Investissement is an option that not only provides you with the most popular performance ratios, it goes beyond the rate of return on down payment. It considers the crucial factors that will help you close the most successful transactions.

Proprio Expert simplifies and optimize the entire property management process.

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Evaluate your selling price

This function is a calculator specially adapted to help you evaluate the selling price of a property in relation to the desired rate of return on investment. It’s a quick and easy way to assess a property’s value.


Make comparisons

With Proprio Investissement, you can compare as many income properties as you like at the same time, focusing on the most important features of each property. The comparison report will enable you to make better decisions about your priorities.

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Project yourself into the future

Proprio Investissement paints a picture of your investments and offers the possibility of seeing the growth of your investments over the years thanks to user-specified parameters. Financial forecasts are based on inflation, projected income and expenses.

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Integrated analysis review

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, guidance is always preferable to prevent errors from appearing in a report. That’s why Proprio Investissement reviews your analyses for you. In fact, our software will even recommend options to guide you in the right direction.

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With flexibility

Proprio Investissement is extremely flexible, and this characteristic is present throughout the software. You can add several different mortgages to finance a property (balance of sale, 2nd mortgage, collateral), under different conditions (interest rate, payment frequency, etc.).

For expenses, you can insert as many recurring expenses as you need (e.g. municipal taxes and insurance) and fixed expenses (e.g. roof repairs).

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