Rental Process

Rent in record time

Advertising your vacant property on the Proprio Expert platform means unrivalled efficiency. Our user-friendly interface lets you create attractive ads with high-resolution photos, detailed descriptions and all the essential information potential tenants are looking for. With just one click, you can publish your ads on our platform, instantly reaching thousands of serious tenants.

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Housing advertisements

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Rental application

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100% online rental application

Have your prospective tenants fill out a rental application using Proprio Expert. No need for multiple software applications. The rental application then saves you time by pre-filling in the fields required for the pre-rental survey and electronic lease.

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Complete your rental application with an electronic signature

Thanks to the electronic signature, your prospective tenant can authorize a pre-rental screening by confirming his or her identity by e-mail or SMS.

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The most comprehensive
 pre-rental screening on the market

Ensure you’re renting to the right tenant by accessing the N°1 pre-rental screening tool in Quebec.

Révision d’analyse intégrée

Credit analysis

Instant, comprehensive analysis of your prospective tenant. Get your credit score in just a few clicks, 24/7.



The percentile rank identifies the relative position of this candidate in relation to all the credit inquiries carried out on ProprioEnquête, reported on a scale of 100.

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Payment habits

Find out if your candidate is a good payer at a glance, across all their accounts for every month of the last three years.

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Level of indebtedness

Prevent over-indebted tenants by checking their credit utilization rates.


Get the complete picture of your prospective tenant with in-depth screening options

Références locatives

Rental references

ProprioEnquête® independently identifies and contacts the candidate’s known landlords to provide you with reliable references..

Références d’emplois

Employment references

Current and previous employers are contacted to validate the candidate’s job-related declarations (salary, status…).

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Court and docket files

All files and the number of judgments in which the applicant has been found guilty.


Tribunal administratif du logement

Obtain all the cases concerning your applicant from the Tribunal administratif du logement.

Electronic lease

Are you satisfied with the pre-leasing screening and ready to move forward with this applicant? In just a few clicks, Proprio Expert’s electronic lease is filled out with the information retrieved from the rental application.

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New market benchmark

Thanks to innovative technologies such as the Notarius electronic signature, Proprio Expert’s electronic lease meets the highest industry standards, without compromising the tool’s ease of navigation and use. What’s more, the Lease is compliant, legal and juridically valid.

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Let us guide you, step by step, to make your work easier.

Fill in the sections of the Electronic Lease step by step, thanks to our user-friendly interface, perfect for beginners and experts alike. In addition, annotations inform you about the various clauses present in the lease and how to fill them in correctly, depending on your situation, to ensure that your document is complete and compliant.

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In a nutshell

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