How to Charge a Tenant for an Additional Amount

Steps to Follow

1. Go to the “Accounting” tab and the “Collections” subtab.

2. In the selector at the top left, select the unit of the tenant to which you want to charge for the additional amount.

3. Click on “Invoicing” at the top right.

4. Make sure that the invoice is assigned to the right company, property, and unit.

5. Check “Lease” in the “Assignation” column.

6. Select the account that best describes the situation (parking, electricity, other fees, etc.).

7. Describe the additional amount in the “Description” section (broken door, etc.).

8. Enter the amount.

9. Select the date (first day of the month with the additional amount) at the top right.

10. Click on “Finish.”

11. Check that, in the “Collections” subtab, the amount has been added to the “Amount Due” for the tenant in question.

You have now charged the tenant for an additional amount.