How to Charge an Expense to a Managed Company (Method 1)

Steps to Follow

1. Go to the “Accounting” tab and the “Collections” subtab.

2. In the selector at the top left, select your company (the management company, not the one you want to invoice).

3. Click on “Invoicing” at the top right.

4. In the “Assignation” column, tick “Company,” and select the company that is charged for the expense(s).

5. Select the invoice date (at the top right).

6. Select the account that best describes the expense, describe the expense, and enter the amount (and tick “Taxable” if that is the case).

7. To add a management fee percentage, enter the percentage next to “Management fees,” and click on “Management fees.” A row for the percentage will appear. The percentage applies to the row above it.

8. To add another expense, click on “Add an item,” and repeat steps 6 and 7.

9. Click on “Finish.”

You have now charged a company for expenses.