How to Enter an NSF Cheque and to Charge the Tenant for the Additional Fees

Steps to Follow

1. Go to the “Accounting” tab and the “Collections” subtab.

2. Tick “Balance at Zero,” and select the correct month to see the collection of the tenant with an NSF cheque.

3. Move your mouse between the “Amount” column and the “Balance” column, and click on “+” and on “NSF Cheque.” 

4. Select the return date.

5. Select your financial institution in the “Bank Fees” section, or create it by clicking on “+.”

6. Enter the amount in the “Bank Fees” section, and enter it again in the “Re-invoice Bank Fees.”

7. Click on “Finish.”

There should be four rows for this collection. One for the initial rent payment, one for the NSF cheque, one for the rent, and one for the bank fees. The balance should be the rent and the bank charges combined.

8. When you receive the payment, enter the date of payment in the row for the rent (3rd), the payment method, and the amount (the entire balance, not just the rent).

9. If a dialog box appears, click on “Do not distribute.” Then, the balance should be at zero.

You have now entered an NSF cheque and charged the tenant for the additional fees.