Filling Out Your RL-31 Slips: How, When, and Why?

A company’s accounting can be confusing even for the most experienced managers. It is crucial to do your taxes carefully to avoid losses or fines.

Same thing goes for property management. In Québec, property owners and managers should pay close attention to the deadlines for RL-31 slips. Not filling them out or delivering them late could result in fines.

This article is all about the RL-31 slip, from how to fill out to where to find up-to-date and trustworthy answers to your fiscal questions.

What Is the RL-31 Slip and Why Do You Need to Fill It Out?

The RL-31 slip contains information about a house, an income property, or a unit rented on December 31 of any given year. It must be filled out by the property owner and given to Revenu Québec. Remember that not filling it out or delivering it late could result in fines.

Once you submit the form, you must give a copy to every tenant and subtenant whose name is on a lease. Then, they can use it to claim the solidarity tax credit.

How to Fill Out the RL-31 Slip and What Are the Deadlines?

The form must be submitted to Revenu Québec, Québec’s government department responsible for collecting income and consumption taxes.

According to the government website, RL-31 slips must be submitted to Revenu Québec and given to the tenants and subtenants before the last day of February of the following year. To ensure that you are aware of any changes, you should visit the Revenu Québec website ahead of time and consult the government’s guides.

You can fill out RL-31 slips in three ways:
  1. Using Revenu Quebec’s online portal starting December 1st. You will find detailed steps on this page.
  2. Using recognized software (that you purchased or developed to meet the requirements of Revenu Québec).
  3. Using paper forms.

Thanks to Proprio Expert’s property management platform, property owners and managers can select the properties and the units to fill out the RL-31 slips more easily, and then submit the forms to Revenu Québec.

Our platform also has printable PDF files to give to your tenants and subtenants. To fill this form out, the manager must have the transmitter number, the number of transmitters, and the identification number provided by Revenu Québec.

How to Upload an RL-31 Slip to TurboTax?

Tenants and subtenants can upload their RL-31 slip to TurboTax to get Québec’s solidarity tax credit. You can find detailed instructions on the TurboTax website.

What Is Québec’s Solidarity Tax Credit and Who Is Eligible?

Québec’s solidarity tax credit is a refundable tax credit for low- and middle-income families. Eligible owners, tenants, and sub-tenants need the RL-31 slip to ask for this credit. The credit is based on the applicant’s situation on December 31 of the previous year. Thus, the amount of the credit for the period from July 2024 to June 2025 will be based on the situation on December 31, 2023.

The government calculates the amount of the credit based on the following components: the QST component, the housing component, and the component for individuals living in northern villages. Moreover, the amount may be reduced on the basis of family income.

To learn more about the eligibility for Québec’s solidarity tax credit, the requirements to meet, and the calculation of the amount, consult the Revenu Québec website.

Why Do I Need the RL-31 Slip To Receive Québec’s Solidarity Tax Credit?

As we mentioned, one of the components of Québec’s solidarity tax credit is the housing component. To receive the credit, the applicant must prove that they or their spouse was an owner, a tenant, or a subtenant in an eligible dwelling on December 31. The RL-31 slip, which is provided by the landlord, is the proof.

Who Can Help Me Fill Out the RL-31 Slip?

For property management companies and owners of many properties, it is even more important to fill the RL-31 slips properly. They need to be careful and make sure that they provide the correct information. Thanks to Proprio Expert, property owners and managers can select multiple properties, and fill out the RL-31 slips more easily and precisely. Download the file from your property management software. Once downloaded, upload the file to your Revenu Québec account. Your RL-31 slips are generated more easily.

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