Acting as a compensator

Our solution

Proprio Expert provides property owners and managers with an all-in-one web-based management platform. Through related products such as electronic leases, online credit inquiries and electronic letters and notices, we continue to innovate by bringing revenue property management to the web.

Our platform enables thousands of real estate professionals across Quebec to save time and money by making the leap to fully electronic, centralized management.

And what about the environment?

These new management processes enable property owners and managers not only to be much more efficient, but also to make better environmental choices by reducing the ecological footprint of their buildings.

The real estate industry is still very much rooted in traditional management habits, involving the administration of numerous paper documents. Switching to electronic property management means avoiding the printing of hundreds of documents every year!

Although the transfer of electronic documents still generates CO2 emissions, these are considerably lower than traditional management, such as printing, mailing and car travel.

The Proprio Expert contribution

More and more real estate professionals are choosing to switch to web-based property management, for a variety of reasons. To be more efficient, to reduce administration costs, to save time, to travel less, to automate tasks, to use less or no paper documents… The reasons are numerous!

To mark this transition, we’ve joined the movement ourselves. Did you know that we’ve been partnering with an environmental organization for 2 years now? In fact, Proprio Expert’s team has signed up with Compensation CO2 Qu├ębec as a Compensator. As part of this alliance, we have committed to planting a tree for every 50 leases sold on the platform.

In this way, we in turn contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of rental real estate transactions.

A record year

This year, the popularity of electronic management methods has soared. In 2022, we planted a record number of trees: more than 375 will soon be planted on behalf of Proprio Expert and all its platform users.

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