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The keys to effective rental property marketing

As a property owner or manager, the task of renting your property is a common one. At the same time every year, many properties become vacant, and it’s time to find new tenants. So you want to do everything you can to find new tenants quickly.

So where do you start?

The first things tenants look at when looking for a place to live are the photos and description of your apartment. So it’s vital to spend some time on them, to ensure you increase your chances of receiving serious viewing requests from potentially interested tenants.

Write an attractive description

A complete and welcoming description necessarily makes your ad more interesting and attractive in the eyes of an actively seeking tenant. A clear, detailed description reduces the number of questions from applicants. Spending time writing the description can save you a lot of time answering questions in the long run.

Here are some features of the property you could include in your description:

Technical aspects of the property:

  • Has it been recently renovated?
  • Is it a student apartment?
  • Is it a shared room?
  • How many bedrooms are there?

Aesthetic aspects of the home:

  • How bright is it?
  • Does it have a special cachet (woodwork, industrial style)?
  • Is it open-plan?
  • Does it have high ceilings?


  • Does the rental include services such as heating, electricity or Internet?
  • Are appliances or furniture included?
  • Are parking spaces available to tenants?

The neighborhood:

  • Is the apartment located in a residential area?
  • Is it in a student neighborhood?
  • Is it close to downtown?
  • Are services available within walking distance (grocery store, pharmacy, shopping mall, public transit, etc.)?

Include attractive photos

The photos you include with your ad are one of the first things that attract potential candidates to your listing. Take advantage of this by offering photos that show your property to its best advantage. For example, you can take photos at the most opportune moments, when the light is at its brightest. You can also ask your current tenants to clean up and put away any personal belongings they may have left lying around. This will enable you to take beautiful photos that show your property in its best light.

Use the right platforms

Proprio Expert lets you rent out your apartments in just a few clicks. In fact, our rental portal lets you publish your ads on a number of specialized ad sites, as well as on the most popular platforms.

For example, Proprio Expert offers you the possibility of publishing your ad on Kangalou and Clic Appart.

You can then send pre-rental requests to potential applicants directly from the software. Credit checks are also available if you want to move forward with a tenant. Finally, when it comes to drafting the lease, the transfer of information is automatic. If required, you can add appendices to the electronic lease, just as you would with a paper lease. All that’s left to do is obtain the required electronic signatures!

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