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Manage Your Communications with Proprio Expert

Proprio Expert is an all-in-one property management software with management, accounting, and communication features, so you can efficiently oversee your properties.

Whether you are a property owner or manager, you will surely be impressed at how well this software assists you in your daily tasks. Moreover, if you manage many buildings, the section where you can create files for different companies, buildings, and units will definitely make your job easier.

This blog article focuses on Proprio Expert’s communication features, but, if you are curious, please head over to our website or to our blog page to learn more about Proprio Expert!

Easy Daily Communication with Proprio Expert

With Proprio Expert, you can easily communicate with the people involved in your daily management activities, such as your current tenants, and your real estate contacts (e.g. your employees and your suppliers). Thus, you can quickly know the contact information of the person you are trying to reach. Everything is stored directly in the software.

The Communication Portal

With Proprio Expert, efficiently managing your communication is easy! By giving your tenants access to the communication portal, you can easily send them any information they need. On the portal, they can:

  • Consult and renew their lease;
  • Update their personal information;
  • Communicate with you through emails that are sent and received on the same platform;
  • Request repairs and renovations and track the status of their request.

Thanks to the platform, you can accomplish various daily communication tasks. For instance, you can:

  • Send many emails and text messages at once;
  • Answer your tenants’ request;
  • Manage and keep track of renovation and repair requests.

To save time, Proprio Expert has a feature that allows you to generate documents, such as letters and notices, that are pre-filled with your tenants’ information.

Moreover, you can communicate via email or text message, depending on your tenants’ preferred communication mode, directly on the platform. Additionally, the emails and text messages you send through Proprio Expert are saved for future reference.

Marketing Your Vacant Units

But wait, there is more! With Proprio Expert, you can also communicate with people who are not as involved in your daily management. Again, everything happens directly in the software.

Think about this, some of your units become available at the end of the rental period; you are then faced with a new task: renting your units. You must go through the regular process: listing the unit, receiving visit requests, etc.

Now that you manage your property with Proprio Expert, this process is much easier! That’s right, our software allows you to list your vacant units on various listing websites, such as Kangalou and Clic Appart.

Furthermore, you can receive and manage your rental applications directly on Proprio Expert. Last but not least, if the candidate that visited your unit is interested in signing a lease, the software will take care of it!

Keep Your Communications on Hand

Do you want to know the best part? You can have access to all your data anytime and anywhere. Indeed, the Proprio Expert mobile application works on any mobile device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone).

Switch to online property management, and stay in control of your properties no matter where you are!

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